Biracial Pariah Saving Souls

Broken hearts shine the brightest

Because they're so good at catching glimpses of the sun

And reflecting them the farthest and highest

While gleaming like a face intoxicated by red rum.

Have you ever felt like two halves that don't quite make a whole?

Like the world broke you down; it was your life that it stole.

I didn't choose to be this way so why is it my fault

That I'm an outsider looking in at two worlds inside vaults?

Too white for the black kids, so they'll never accept me.

Too black for the white kids and my hair is too nappy.

Where is the peace? I wish my mama had prepped me

To face a world every day too cruel for a younging so happy.

The only solace I find in a world where I'm left behind

Is speaking up for those that got outcasted too.

I speak for those who can't, their frail bodies and minds

Begging for freedom and justice that's long overdue.

"Mommy's too busy with her shows to wash any clothes

And Daddy makes "special hot dogs" that I don't like to eat.

Uncle Ronnie yells and bellows if anyone steps on his toes

Or even if they don't. He still screams and screams."

You see, not all heroes wear capes, and I would think it's evident

That these precious angels need someone to fight this malevolence

That's bred by insidious ignorance and negligence

Before they become concrete angels that are heartbreakingly heaven-sent.

I may not have found my place of acceptance yet,

But my purpose is to stand up, speak up, and raise hell until there's protection set.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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