Billion dollar dreams

Billion dollar dreams

Times are changing so fast but everything is still the same
The future we all await is right here
The harvest time is very near
Yet we see no hope staring through this scope
We've been jumping in circles
What happened to our billion dollar dreams

We've suffered for so long
On pains road carrying our cross
strolling on the wrong course
We've been battered and our hearts have been shattered by our so called political gods
They grin widely stealing from the purse
Sitting cosily on our billion dollar dreams

The future seems like fairy tale stories
In the skies we've built storeys
We work out our lives but no glories
Even the air we breathe is no longer enough for everyone of us
We've lost our goals, they've drowned our very hope
Even our old men have lost hope in our billion dollar dream

We do all the chores and they still call us the lazy ones
We are like men with many faces
Our lives is in many phases
Wandering not knowing where we are going
Stretching to see if goodness awaits us on this road
But we can't even find our billion dollar dreams

We've fixed so much hope on their purse
Maybe that's why they steal with such brave balls
Let's work on our goals
Let's find the right course
In us is a great deal of ideas, strategies and potentials
Let's believe in our billion dollar dreams


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My community
My country
Our world
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