Biggie & Tu

Biggie & Tu

two hustlers in the music scene

thug life & the means to swing

rap in the way it used to be

making sweet magic & history

gone are the days we used to wake up in a purple haze

kissing second cousin falling in a daze

like a mouse that's stuck in a maze

shattered dreams things don't seem what they mean

stick a fork in me cause I'm done

soon I'll be off to run

as a young homeboy in the hood

busting sweet rhymes like I knew he should

wouldn't care in what they said or did

busting out with a cherry bomb under a garbage van lid

Pussy ain't nothing but meat on the bone

I'll suck it, I'll fuck it, I'll leave it alone

Sound the alarm cause I'm out shooting blanks

Two hoods in the hip hop scene

producer Shug Knight can get awful mean

Falling head long at the seams

Living in the land of mean

The freaks come out at night out of sight

Riding in there Benz popping on Depends

shattered dreams evil schemes things don't seem what they mean

See you on the flip side squeeze

I'm going to pray to God it will knock you to your knees

The bees sugar is honey and honey is sweet

I got these cool rhymes buzzing from my head down to my feet

Biggie & Tu may have bitten off far more then they could chew

Nothing knew both had high top mansions

Silver dollars with no ransom

They both had left a legacy

See the new movie out going down in history

R.I.P. my friends see you in heaven looking down

For now I'll still listen to your tracks with no frown

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