A Big Fat Gushy, Mushy, Crushy Crush

To My Crush,


I have a crush.

A elephant pounding, butterflies floating type of crush.

The type of crush that leaves my heart pounding and palms sweating kind of crush.


I have a crush, but it is just a small crush.

The kind that leaves me floating on cloud nine

because to me you are oh, so fine type of crush.


I lied.

I have a crush, and it is a HUGE crush.

The I’ll stalk you to the end of time

Wondering what I can do to make you mine kind of crush.


No wait, I swear I am not that crazy, crush.

I am just a girl who would fly to the end of the earth to give you a paintbrush.

But of course, only if you needed it type of crush.


My crush, my beautiful blue-eyed

Fantastic crooked smile, honey brown hair love of a crush.


You leave me giddy when my phone lights up

with your name making me spill my cup type of crush.


A crush, yes, it is just a crush

but it feels like I could slowly fall in love kind of crush.


It is a maddening, never ending love type of crush

where I cannot fall asleep or eat for days type of gush.


The I should keep this hush hush kind of crush,

but I can’t. I keep telling my friends about the rush of this crush.


I have a big fat gushy, mushy, crushy crush on you.

but I just wish you had one on me too.


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