Big Apple

The Big Apple

By: Richard Le


Swishing and swaying trees,

Branches and leaves moving to the breeze,

People filling up the street,

Sweating from the burning heat


Cars and taxis driving by,

Buzzing past you like a fly,

Honking at you really loud,

While you’re walking through the crowd


No shortage of places to eat,

Countless choices on Main Street,

And if you’re looking for a place to go shopping,

5th Avenue is where you’d be stopping


Times Square is also quite a treat,

Lots of people there to meet,

It truly is a sight to see,

It really fills you up with glee


It really comes to life at night,

Tons of noises and bright lights,

With colors more vibrant than the Sistine Chapel,

That sums up a day in the Big Apple.


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My community
My country
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