Beyond the Slang and Above the Description


An adjective that means causing or inducing awe;

Inspiring an overwhelming feeling of



Or fear.

A word used as slang,

A word used in abundance,

A word used to describe.


If you cut me deep,

The stitches are awesome

Because I can still see them.


If I fall apart,

The pieces are awesome

Because they where once whole.


If my scars show,

The ridges are awesome

Because it means I can heal.


If my bones ache,

The feeling is awesome

Because it means they didn't break.


If tears smear these words,

The running ink is awesome

Because I had the strength

To write them in the first place.


If I remember my life,

The effort is awesome

Because that means the

548,899,200 seconds--

9,148,320 minutes--

152,472 hours--

6353 days--

907.6 weeks--

208.7 months--

17.4 years it took to build that memory

Were worth every tick of the clock.


The knowledge that drives us,

The wisdom that guides us,

The moments that define us,

Everything is awesome,

If you choose to see it that way.


This poem is about: 
Our world



thought-provoking. liked the poem.

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