Beyond the glass

Mon, 08/29/2022 - 22:19 -- Grant12

Were life and faith to coexist

and redeem a man to great extent

And all creation then resist

what by her nature could not prevent


Would man in turn object this change

While he himself can't bare the tide

Of oceans cresting unexplained

benath the sky where he resides


For no one knows the day or time

when he'll be called upon to act

And be made subject to his find

 by mistaking his belief for fact


Consider losing this belief

with lies transcribed and put to page

Recalling now our brush with youth

With heartfelt love and muderous rage


Too late we walked perditions path

well enough without a guide

To view the world beyond the glass

Out there where there's no where to hide


So come pretend for me a world

Where we can then one day begin

And leave this life of death and shame

where we were told to hide our sin


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