Beyoncé Taught Me


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To wake up like this:

Confident, poised, and care free

Everything my grandmother hoped to live to the day I be

To speak my mind:

For the only person who has the ability to hold me back is in the reflection

And I grew tired of spending countless days drowning in tears unable to accept my own affection

To listen to my family:

They know what’s best for their offspring, whether I agree or not

Because their little girl is growing faster than the speed of light

And their little girl realizes that ohana is more important than stubbornness and spite.

To tell myself I look good tonight:

Because I do. 

I am a superwoman in my skin,
with my messy curly hair and my big cheesy grin.

I speak loud in my voice

And I know it’s my choice

To believe in myself

 Without anybody’s help.

I am flawless.

(Even Queen B thinks so) 


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