America studies 10,000 years versus 2.6 million of human existance,

Ignores many the many great civilizations of Africa,

The development of the African Diaspora,

And look over its significance and continued importance.

There is no single counterargument,

Developed to undermine, undue the permanent,

History of my enslaved ancient people,

That will ever eradicate events conjured in our prequel.

Because it is true the subject titled history,

Is written to glorify one man's story,

I demand that racists come to terms and understand,

That I won’t allow them to be the death of me.

My African Diaspora will come to gradually reunite,

And we will reverse the cruel decomposition of the,

World of a community thrown into turmoil,

That once seemed to linger out of human sight.

We will utilize our talents to bring ourselves out of suffering,

Young black boys and girls will become prominent leaders,

BLACK MINDS of BLACK SCHOLARS will make them achievers,

Economics and unity will be positively increasing.

America shall no longer be our prison,

Impede on our success in common repetition,

For we will continue to demand it to change,

As time continues to increase our audience’s range.

There will always be a society of radical black people,

Ready to fight against white rage and other evils,

I order that the hateful masses beware,

Do not cause turmoil in this coming affair.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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