Between the Pages of a Book

Between the pages of a book

            is a heart.

A heart full of culture and laughter,

            villainy and agony.

                        Elegance and romance,

            betrayal and multidimensional heartbreak.

Feel it beat as you read,

            bringing to life the world buried in the words.


This heart,

so human and full of emotion,

            is swart,

Black as the night

            that is the harbor of such acts

                        as reading.

            Not black of evil, but black of ink.

            This heart makes black the words you read.


And once you put it on a shelf,

            locking away again the villains, multi-dimensions, and illustrious worlds,

             the heart slows,

                                but does not stop,

            as it waits for the next person to discover it's beauty.


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