One Fine Day upon the Western sky. I Came Upon three roads upon a plane so Fair. With thy companions Fair. One road seemed made of.  Dreams full of clouds and pleasant Scenes. Another of nightmares and Terrors.  Full Of Monsters And shadowy scenes. The last was the Fine Line in between Filled with pleasant dreams.  And hard times.  Never once crossing over to the other Forever somewhat in between. I looked at my companions Fair one was Starry Eyed and Faerie Fair. Another.  Dark and foreboding . As . I watched my companions Fair . Part ways . The fairest to the nightmarish . The darkest to the dreams . I left them to go just in between . Never seen but always there . Never heard but always listening . Never here or there but always near . As they made their ways . I made mine forevermore . Staying solely on that in between line Forever being . Forever seeing.  We all follow these three roads.  Forever found under our western sky's.  Always and forever.   power and betrayal . Always in between. Our pleasures . Our denials . But always together . Thinking in . Our miles.....

This poem is about: 
Our world



not the format i wanted arrgh

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