Better off without you

Liquid crystal, a crystal harder and more beautiful than any diamond.

The smell or iron filled her nose,

The thin red lines inflating like small red balloons,

The pain tasted like immature bitter melon,

Her body grew cold and numb, The sharp plastic clattered to the floor,

Spoken insults were like knives in her chest.

You left the home of her love,

But her tears softer than fleece, 

Her smile gracing her features, a gentle touch.

You're never gonna bring her down again.

As the gentle thrum of the music played, she drifted to sleep.

"Go away, I need you no more." Words she whispered to herself often, the very words you told her.

The soft strokes of freedom wings carry her smowhere new.

To fly high enough to reach the land of her dreams below.

Leaving earth's atmosphere for the isolated company of the man on the moon and the gleaming stars.

She is stronger than you think.

So that today, tomorrow, and the day after that, she will continue to grow independant, beautiful, strong -- all without you.

The tranquil liturature she reads, speaks volumes of misunderstood emotions to her eager ears.

She'll have to forget you in order to remember what you made her out to be.

Hindi lahat ng minamahal sa'yo dapat ipaglaban, at hindi lahat ng nagmamahal sa'yo dapat mong saktan.

Even if that blade kissed her skin,

Enen if that sun comes riding in on warm, bright, steeds of  light, enveloping all.

She will hold herself high with a smile, glad she met you, glad she was able to forget you.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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