Better Then Before

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 00:02 -- Just_Me

Your fingers absent mindedly find your pulse

The blood, running hot just below the scarred skin's surface, is tempting

The shiny silver of a razor silently calls to you

The pain inside begs to be released

Relief is balanced on the edge of a blade

A twisted, but effective, trade off

Mental and emotional pain evaporate the moment the blade splits your skin

Physical pain clouds the mental pain momentarily

And all you can feel is that razor ripping through the layers of skin

And the mental pain ceases to exist

But then, it all comes rushing back and hits twice as hard

Tears flood your eyes and stream down your face as you make another slice deeper, longer

The tears do not flow for the ferocious pain that streaks red down your arm

But because the valiant effort to rid your ragged mind of pain only lasted seconds

So you try again, then again, and again

Until you are numb, not exactly satisfied, but better than before

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