Better Mistakes

Wed, 02/25/2015 - 16:02 -- Zakey93


              "Better Mistakes"

Learn from your mistakes and teach a Prince to be a King.
We got to teach the young ones to dream big as one's esteem.

Society can pull you down and try to make you frown.                                                                            But don't ever let nobody try to steal your promised crown.

It's takes a common knucklehead to wind up as a fool,                                                                       only if he knew he could turn it all around with school.
Education is the key and your mind is the tool.
Remember to steer straight and try to follow all the rules.

And if things go wrong thank God for all the lessons.
Because learning from your mistakes is a heck of a blessing.

If I knew I had potential and had what it takes.
I would have spent my life trying to make better mistakes.

Ladies please don't think I forgot bout you cuz I started with Kings.
Your Princesses will become Queens with heads high you will see.

Be careful, there are Men who look for hearts to sink their teeth in.
Men how can we expect to seat a throne if we keep leaving?

Respect yourself, take pride in all of your African tresses.
No need for all that skin you can be beautiful in dresses.

Work hard, play harder, have fun never be restless.
Live life, Learn lessons,  just know you're man's blessing.

You can disagree, if you don't see my words are true.
I'd go through Hell and Hot water just to prove my love for you.

If she knew what real beauty is and she has what it takes.
Then she would know her worth and try to make Better Mistakes.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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