betrayed by love's sweet song

i was five and he was six

he rode down horses made of sticks

he was black and i was white

he would always win the fight

bang! bang!

he shot me down

bang!  bang!

i hit the ground

bang!  bang!

that awful sound

bang!  bang!

my babe shot me down


seasons came and changed with time

when i grew up i called him mine

he would always laugh and say

'remember when we used to play

bang!  bang !

i shot you down

bang! bang!

you hit the ground

bang ! bang!

that awful sound

bang! bang !

i used to shoot you down


music played and people sang

just for me the church bells rang

now he's gone

i don't know why

and to this day sometimes i cry

he did n't even say goodbye

and take the time to lie

bang! bang!

only pain remains

bang  bang

he broke my heart

bang! bang!

my soul is crushed. because

bang! bang!

it's my babe who shot me down

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