Betrayed and Bullied

The pain, it hurts, it rips and tears

Unstoppable, but you don't care

All the lies about me

All the tears that have runned

They're all from you and the things that you've done

Don't you remember when we were young and small

All the secrets we shared do you remember at all

Now my hatred for you is growing strong

Every insult you throw, must it be so wrong?

That your face makes me shake

How much more can I take

Now do you see what you have done

You took happiness from me, congrats you won

Now are you glad you killed me inside

It feels though I've already died

Of course you don't, you'll never know

All the pain and suffering I'll never show

But my heart isn't mending

Because of all its bending

Im tired of pretending I'm not dead

Now its The End

So now she dies, and they start to cry

"Friend, why oh why did you have to die?"

Oh now they care, oh now they see

But she's just another memory.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Loved this poem, it really spoke to me. I was bullied in high school and it sucked. i was known as the girl who cried. what they didnt know was i was dealing with a lot. keep writing it helps express your feelings. if you need a friend i am here. dont hesitate to message me. :)

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