The Best Day of my life


It started out like any other day, I woke up to see the smile of my mother as usual.she looked as if the rays of the sunshione bounced off of her face in instant geaming to see her daughter. I got dressed like a normal day. However it was not a normal day. I ate breakfast then went of to school. Boring as usual I would write little notes here nad there. Howevere this wa sno normal day. As the glorious bells rang alerting everyone know that school was done I recieve a phone call. Unaware that phone call would change my life, I was invitied to a youth group event. As the butterflies in my stomach started to tremble i was nervous but excited confused between the two i said yes with out even knowingit. I didn't know what to expect. As we reached the location i was more nervous. The event had already started and i walked in on a poem that changed my life. I have never heard poetry like this before. It flowed so beautiful I was  crying because for the first time I understood what the poet was saying. A dn as the words of that poem came trickling out of her mouth i was caught in it like a spiders web. I then become to get inspired becasue for the first time I never heard poetry describe Jesus Christ so magically and Beautifly. From that moment i decided to follow her glorious footsteps.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



What a beautiful description of how poetry can change your life. 

I entered a contest with underground Christian rap artist, Propaganda.

Type in youtube- Propaganda, Spoken Word Challenge and you

will be able to listen to poets from all over the U.S. describe

who they are in Jesus Christ. I hope that could inspire you as well!

The challenge was to write about who you are in Gods image instead

of identity based on superficial/worldly things- clothing, money, relationship etc.

Anyways, I'm glad that youth event changed your life. It seems like you like to

write narrative poetry. Here is a power poetry tip that focuses on writing 

about memories similar to the one you described:

Happy Writing! lol :)


Power Poetry Mentor








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