Beside Me


Take hold of the darkness, step into the light

Let go of your worries, dont give up the fight,

Each day is a balance of the good and the bad,

For a moment of joy you must also feel sad.

But the demons and darkness that live in your mind,

Eyes glowing red are no fears of mine,

I've stood in the darkness, kept hold of the light

Not for a moment did I ever lose sight.

The monsters and nightmares are never too strong. 

Hear my voice, keep moving on.

For darkness can't win unless you end this war

If that were to happen you'd be here no more.

Though it may feel hopeless, don't give it a thought.

In times of darkness, the strongest are sought.

Look over your lifetime, the dark forest within.

See the seeds of hope that you've been given?

Bursting forth from the darkness inside, 

They bring you glory, have nothing to hide.

When all hope seems lost, my darling and friend.

Always look back, for you can't see the end.

Pain is over in a second of time,

Broken by moments of joy so sublime

You can't see your purpose in this endless battle we wage,

But that never means you should fear the next page,

Each moment's a blessing, each day is a gift.

Take part in your life for it is yours to live,

Never give up this hope that you hold.

It makes sadness joy and turns you so bold.

When darkness surrounds you, latch onto the light,

You take a huge part in winning the war that we fight.

Each person is valued, every last one.

Take strength in me, for your part is still left undone.

This message will span over the years,

Let it fill up your heart, and banish your fears.

Listen to me, I've seen this all end.

Just know you mean so much, you are my friend.

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