Bereft of misery

Swimming in the anger, drowning in the sin.
Its been so long, how long has it been?
You left abruptly with no trace on your lips,
Of remorse for the pain, and your angry countenance. 
Your shadow lingers, still casting its dreadful spite, 
There was no happiness, nothing, not even light.
I couldn't be happy, not even for a slight,
I tried. For such a young age, i tried with all my might.
Now that you're gone, i can be set free,
I am adopted now, and i can see the glee.
Bereft of misery, i am forever grateful,
Something you never gave me,
I am now thankful. 
I loved you, and you reciprocated nothing,
I have everything i need, and that means something.
I wake up with a smile on my face everyday,
Because i know, that unlike years ago, there is joy coming my way.
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