Beneath the Smile


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A lifted chin,
A cheerful grin,
Teeth bright pure white,
What a joyous sight.

A face that reflects the sun's brilliant rays,
As any blemishes are left behind in a thick haze.
Pretty, perfect, rosy red cheeks
Diminish all flaws that a hater seeks.

Walking down school halls, her smile shines on;
Any signs of sadness will always be gone.
Smart and witty in every way,
Never once having a gloomy day.

Friendly and caring to everyone she meets;
Warm and hearty to those she greets.
Bright blue eyes that light up the dark room,
Like a flower in radiant bloom.

--On the outside, smiling away.
--On the inside, dreading another day.

Deep down a heart that fills with pain,
As darkening thoughts start to enter her brain.

Those she can talk to do not seem to care
About anything more than the smile that is there.
Much pain does she feel as she walks all alone,
Wishing anyone will notice as she makes her way home.

The rude comments and remarks from some of her peers
Always leaves her crying many tears.
Shyness engulfs all the thoughts in her head;
So she shuts her mouth, and says nothing instead.

She wants someone to feel all the hurt that she bears;
But she hasn't found a soul, no one who cares.
Still, she drags on with her life, so bare and lonely,
Wanting someone who loves the way she is -- and that only.

Every day of the week she puts on this grin,
Hoping someone will see her true heart, and what lies within.
Yet she knows she will have to wait a while,
Until someone will see beneath her smile.

She believes no one cares for the person inside.
So she puts on a mask, and lets her true self hide.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a very powerful poem

its sad that there are people that wear a mask to hide their true self 

it sounds like she was bully according to this poem

bullying is unacceptable and more importantly

bullying needs to be address all over the world

under the impression that either you wrote about somebody or this is about you in 3rd person

correct me if i'm wrong?


this is a great poem-keep writing


Absolutely LOVED this!!

A Writer's Stories Show who they are.

Wow this was amazing so much feeling put into it great job keep writing


This is an amazing poem and it is very true.


I loved it doll. Too many times we hide and hide, smooshing up our insides. Tis' a sad case indeed.



Really late to the party, but wow! I loved the rhyme scheme you incorporated and the double meaning you gave behind a smile. Beautiful!

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