There exists a never ending void

So dark, dense and utterly devoid.

No sound or light escapes this place.

It has born you and will erase.


It will start early and will start young

A spark, a flash and someone unsung.

A quiet sense of desperation

To figure out our destination.


We try to live free, no regrets

Blindly led to follow in His steps.

To learn what is right and what is wrong,

We have looked to pages for so long.


Every one beginning, every end

Marks something new that will always bend.

So mush hate to give one another

Why have we not been torn asunder?


Treading round and round everything blends.

Each time finding the will to defend,

Or needlessly taking to upend.

Each trial sent to teach before the end


A silent deluge cast from behind.

One exists to least astray and bind

Other to break and make, not unkind.

Much can go wrong, the path is not lined.


Our limited knowledge holds us back,

From seeing the truth of what we lack.

From here to there, we always return

To reap and sow what we do not learn.


There exists a never ending void…

So dark, dense and utterly…

No sound or light…



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