Below Zero

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 09:36 -- Dedenyo


You kept a smile in defiance

pacing up and down waiting for her

to come back home in one peace.

You where not afriad, of the beastly

words that murmured between the pews

seeking to flirt with the light of

hope in you.

Noon, matured quickly shearing off

hope, like a sheep losing it coats.

You could have lost your cool,

but you denied the cruel their satisfaction.

Can't aford to blink an eye, it might happen

in a twinkle of a breath.

Few seconds of waiting,

for your bride on the aisle seems like days.

Your knees shook, as the pianist

cue her arrival with his finger striking a cord.

You are below zero, with a warming smile and

a heart lit, like pumpkin spiced candle.





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