Fri, 10/04/2013 - 00:55 -- a.lee1


Who amongst us are most beloved?

The ones who carry their hearts in multiple places

They who rise, not for their own sake

Why do they do this, these beloved?

They must love someone more than themselves-the strongest love

It is a selfless devotion

What are your hearts forged in, beloved?

I have heard of steel, sheer will, but these do not suit you

Perhaps your heart is made of love

Why sacrifice so much, beloved?

Your grand heart is truly set in the deepest of loves

You have given so many hope

Will you let me thank you, beloved?

Thank you for cherishing my heart and giving me love

I am thankful for all you do

Is your name more than stars, beloved?

Your name is an anchor to so many, a strong rock

You have given so much to the world


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