Because I love you, I admire that our love commences at the inner core, 
where our palpitations sync, exemplifying a magnetic field that encloses our ardor emitting energy. 
Because I love you, this passion escapes its keep, now expending the outer core. 
I allowed this to happen, and so did you. 
I let you exhaust the rhythm of my heart, but not out of manipulation. 
In fact, you are my aspiration. 
I'm telling the truth, God be my witness. 
I've withdrawn trust for my trust fund, and granted it to you. 
And that is the gospel truth. 
My mantle.
A sheath made for your rapier. A perfect fit. 
Our bodies become carcasses, for we do not act on moral responsibility. 
Instead, we act on sudden impulse. We act on our palpitations. 
I've exposed my lithosphere. 
Though, you do not walk over me.
You water my plants, you tend to my livestock. 
You comfort me, unconditionally.
I've trusted you with my inner core. My heart.
I've trusted you with my outer core. My trust.
I've trusted you with my mantle. My chastity. 
I've trusted you with my lithosphere. My fear of physical intimacy is no more.
Because I love you, I trust you.

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