My imagination glows

 A pulsing radiance

Tempting the average soul

Like flies to a light

It burns bright in me

A candle of creativity

So vibrant, so strong

Suffocating those who cannot keep pace

Engulfing those who succumb


I bring peace, calm

People feel at ease around me

I lull them into confidence

A tide pulling them closer

My soft arms enclosing their tired bodies

Like waves lifting the sand

Letting it forget

That people walk all over it all day

I hold the shell of their corpse

And they relax

No longer do they have to bear the weight of thousands of feet

At least not for a little while

I bring serenity



My mind is vivid

Dancing with dreams

Colors entwine and ideas glitter behind my eyes

I bring tranquility

People, strangers, calmed by my presence

They feel safe, comfortable

An inner peace

But I

I cannot dream for myself

My imagination performs for others

And is lame for me

I long to paint an image with my creativity

One for me. One that entrances me.


And I

I cannot bring stillness to my core

Naturally I quiet the stallions of other souls

My stallion?

It is untamed

It rears and jumps, and never sleeps

And I long, oh how I long

To find my inner peace


My mind is magic

My aura is ocean blue

I am a beautiful soul

That blossoms like a lotus to showcase my splendor for others

Twinkling with creativity and whispering to tired souls

I will swell with pride and boast of these gifts for the entirety of my life

Seducing audiences with scintillating, magical, inspiration

Bringing stillness to the inner storm of others


That is where I find

My own glistening dream

My own inner peace


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