Bell Glass

Sun, 06/26/2016 - 15:36 -- Vatier

Bell Glass

I try to cross the thresholds
I try to shovel poetry in glass bottles eaten by the sea
Some BellJar note washed ashore,
some ancient hand had written

I have bitten the old fruits of bitter words
So I press my finger to paper walls
and draw my pride, my rage, my love across the hollow paint of wherever I've been

You can find me in the air of poetry

on the backstreet road of beauty and wonder
It breaks asunder in me

It kisses me by ear
And cradles my tears like
the stars that cradle the stars

I curse the cup that feeds the sin
I lay naked my skin for the sun to hold

Words and words obliterate the sunless thoughts

that obliterate my youth
I fold the truth like a lover's note
into a kiss hello

I need to know that truth is still a knowing thing, a living thing
a singing song that sings

What is poetry but an ocean unseen
What are we but the shifting sands beneath,
the pixie dust that stirs undersea

We are the underground creatures dug up over time
The future will say that our lives had a rhyme,

a rhyme, spectacular, rhyme

Our poetry will tell our sublime existence

I kiss the glass, the messenger bottle,

and free it to the cemetery of the sea

If we could be like poetry
We could be forever

But down and drown
In silent sound
we must travel

This poem is about: 
Our world


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