Believe Kay, Believe

Took a second to speak

If I was nervous I would have grinded my teeth

Got the urge to grab the courage out of me

To live, laugh, and love

To forever fly freely like a white dove

A prospering being in search for things unseen

Perhaps to follow my dream

A rhyming poet coming from the Pueblo of Tesuque and the Navajo Nation

With a unique intuition, a music fiend with transition of words building up like Tetris,

Game over watch the words spill out my mouth through the microphine

Sincere verbage speaking to people with a message

Of rhythmetic, rhyming, revolutionary roar

Yet like a champion continuously chasing my dream

Trying to catch it like a beam of light

To fight with all my might

To be successful in the music industry

For me, but most importantly as a team

“In order to succeed we must believe, In order to believe we must enjoy”

These are the words I tell myself in order to always pick myself back up

Believe Kay, believe, believe and my dreams shall come true


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