Being A Teen


United States
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When your life is tough, you try to be tougher.
You pick the path you think is straight,
But in all actuality the road ends up being a little rougher.
And even though your life’s not that great,
You put on a face of grace a you travel throughout the place.
A prayer’s sent above that a mistake is never made,
Because no one wants to be the face of disgrace.
Learning so much along the way, an experience I would never trade.
You spend your whole life hiding, praying to be seen.
It’s okay------ I see you, yeah the real you.
Life’s hard, but the mistakes you’ve made are just part of being a teen.
You wonder----- could anyone see the world from your view?
The decision’s already been made long ago, but hopefully in the future you’ll be a lil’ prince’s queen.
Life is rough, but hope they’ll soon understand there’s…..
~dedicated to Lis


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