being puerto rican


i'm a taino black puerto rican from the bronx

where my life started for me

i am not a new york rican

i repeat, not a new york rican

that is infallably the dumbest way to represent your ethnicity

let me pose this questions

if we as puerto ricans were not from new york

and we migrated to north dakota

what do we call ourselves

north dakota ricans

should you ever say that

you are disingenuously disgraceful to puerto ricans

i was not born in the island of puerto rico

i love to hang out in coney island and jam to freestyle music every saturday nights

i haven't ate a classic chicken pasteles in santurce in a long time

i eat pasteles at sofritos on 59th street

i haven't laid my feet in clear white sands in a beach on san juan in a long time

i would say orchard beach, but after seeing a dirty diaper floating, i'll take a pass

i laid my feet in yellow sands, swim with my surfboard fill with seaweed in rockaway beach

i don't hear sounds of coquis in the rain forest at el yunque

i hear sounds of frogs in the bronx zoo

i don't listen to typical spanish music

i love my afro cuban music where celia cruz echoes musical symphanies that buzzes my ears

tito puente's latin jazz vibrates sensations more fulfilling than a man that can't get erected five minutes to satisfy a woman's sexual desire

hector lavoe's iconic hits after hits that captivates the audience

but i also listen to bob marley-you know three little birds, and of course, jamming

how can i forget "i shot the sheriff"

but in new york, song should be be recreated to "i shot the NYPD"

for the deaths of sean bell, anthony baez, amanu diallo, and eric gardner

therefore, i'm less puerto rican?

i don't look like a typical puerto rican?

so tell me, what does a typical puerto rican look like?

light skin and light eyes like my high school homeboy flaco

caramel complexion like marisposa fernandez

heavy accent like my boy sery colon

who in the blue hell are you to define me 

i don't need anybody to tell me who i am

let me open you clouded eyes, clogged up ears, hateful hearts, scornful souls

and educate you buffoonery morons about me

so instead of moronically perceiving me as the quote on quote prototype typical puerto rican

ask a young puerto rock who is roberto clemente

this day in age, he don't have a clue

but he can tell you a whole biography of rick ross and even at that, what he claims to know is false representation

here's an introduction:

roberto clemente is one of the titans that recorded his 3000th career hit before his tragic plane crash

he is one of the iron men that don't need a costume to hide his true identity like superheroes

he is an ambassador for the game of baseball, pave the way for guys like carlos beltran, jose reyes, and the molina brothers can exist

so regardless of what i look like on the outside (though i'm very handsome)

on the inside, at my core, i'm 100% all puerto rican man

therefore, nobody will ever take it from me



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