Being the Object of Unrequited Love

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 16:35 -- sowen77

Stop calling, stop texting

please leave me alone.

I dont want to hear your voice,

echoing through my phone.


Being the object of unrequited love

is a strong strain on a kind heart.

Forced to let you down

and forced to do it again.


Each conversation

is like walking on broken glass;

Trying to give the brutal truth

And trying not to be harsh.


Constantly afraid you'll read flirtation

between the lines of my kindness.

Unwanted love, so infrequently addressed,

is the worst punishment for a sweet soul.


I keep trying to make you see,

trying to the nth degree,

that honestly,

you should not be interested in me. 


We were friends once upon a time.

And while I grew up,

you wanted me to stay young,

clinging to a forgotten version of me.


Please stop calling

Just leave me alone

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