Being Latina.

Being Latina is not being ashamed of who you are. It's being PROUD. It's realizing you are a descendent of warriors and fighters who died for their land so that you could be free from oppression. It's not counting the days until you can be on your own but being afraid of leaving your mamá y hermana when you have to go to college. Fighting, so that you can go to college. It means standing up for your heritage and nationality in the face of those who bully you for an accent without realizing you can speak to two different worlds. Defending your parents from those who want to put them down because they are intimidated by someone so powerful and strong. It means dreaming of defeating all those who told you that you couldn't succeed by doing your best and getting to the top so that you can go back to your tierra one day and help those who are still fallen. Being Latino is eating Arepas for breakfast but having to speak English all day until you get back home. It's having to see your little cousins grow up through a screen because you can't hug them for birthdays or holidays or just because. But it also means putting on a brave face through it all. Living with a thousand fears but showing the world you are proud to be Latina. Making SURE everyone knows you're Latina because you wouldn't change that for anything in the world. Most importantly of all though, being Latina means standing together with your people through thick and thin and realizing you are all fighting one battle together. This is what I've lived and this is what being LATINA means to me.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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