Being Different


who decides what that means?

Websters says it means

to make or become 


But what is different?

Is different the people who walk down the street

dreads in their hair and plugs in their ears?

is it the man dressed in plaid with a neckbeard ordering Starbucks

is it the girl with the pastel hair who waves to me sometimes

is it me

the transgendered boy who goes to an all-girls school

(thankfully, skirts are optional)

sometimes I joke and say

I'm so different

but really?

I'm not that different at all

nobody is different

because everybody has the power to change


they can change their hair with a single box

they can change someones mood with a single smile

Do you know how much change goes on in a single day?

On a daily basis things are changing

all around us

people make decisions

that change their world


is made up or people's individual worlds

If I were to compare my world

to the world of my best friend

there would be so much difference

and yet the fact

that so many worlds exist so close together

just Being

this creates change

50 years ago my best friend would have been beaten on the street

40 years ago I would have been beaten on the street

and yet

the change that has occured

though it is not yet over

is phenominal


if I could change one thing

it would be

to make people realize

how much change has already happened




I really like this.

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