Being Black in Society

Tue, 11/06/2018 - 14:48 -- WidneyN


How many times have your parents pulled you aside and had THE TALK


see black people have a different talk than your usual sex talk 

Rather than our parents telling us to have safe sex they're telling us to be respectful when confronting cops


Constantly having to listen to my fellow brothers and sisters tell me they’re afraid to live as a minority 





conversations of us never knowing REAL freedom

If it is a FREE society then tell me why so many of MY brothers and sisters don't feel free


Tell me why it's been a struggle for MY brothers and sisters to prosper and became something other than a statistic or hashtag


Tell me why the moment a bullet or words of discrimination hits them they're instantly dehumanized...


We’re constantly told to 

Sit up 

Talk proper

Dress correctly

Nails clean 

Hair neat AND straight

EVERYTHING should be proper

Not black enough 

You act white for a black girl 

OH! where'd you get your hair from 

WOW! you have nice hair for a black girl

WHOAH! You cute for a dark skin 


Black girl this Black girl that...


Girls, Ladies, My Sisters I feel for you all 


Being a person of color is not enough for us but being women of color OH WHY that’s way tougher 


Not only are we faced with discrimination from others, but our own people who we call brothers fall into the stereotypes given to us 


Throughout my lifespan i've heard a brother say OUT LOUD WITH other black women in the room “oh I don’t mess with black women unless they got a big butt and tits...” “I just don’t mess with them dark skin women” 


Brothers Brothers why are you discriminating against your own people 


To be women and black is to know your not desirable by your own people


To be women and black is being born and knowing your beauty does not belong to you


To be women and black is growing up to protect men who hate you


To be women and black is having to be educated before you can even walk”


To be women and black is to become the backstory while living and the cover story when dead....


Being women and black is MAGIC


Being women and black is to be resilient, 


LADIES our very existence is defiance. 


WE ARE black girl magic 


Your SKIN is beautiful, gorgeous, worth gold and anyone who tells you different tell them that your GOLD is what founded this country.


Black girls are strong 

Mixed girls are strong

Latina girls are strong

My fellow white sisters are strong 

I am strong

WE are powerful

Your words may act like knives on paper 

But they can't defeat us 

We will not let you beat us down 

We will rise and we will be victorious 



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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