My favorite color was purple 

A dark neon purple 

The purple i saw walking in a city at night 

The purple i saw on my mothers eyes from the makeup shed apply 

The purple on my alarm clock the one i always threw because i wanted to snooze


My favorite color was purple 

A mix of red and blue 

I always associated these colors with good and bad 

And purple is what came out of it 

The inbetween 


This is what i thought of you and me 

We were purple 

But now that we are through 


Purple is no longer for me 

But for you 


Purple was the old me 

The one who was obsessed with pain

The person who never wanted to change 


Purple is no longer me 

For now i am beige 


The color i have grown into 

A color that represents peace and serenity 

Beige a color that is so calming and welcoming 


Beige the color of my change 

The aurora of my being 

The color meant for me 

And me only 


This color is mine, I am no longer sharing. 

You can come sit and enjoy my comfort and prosperity 

But you can never take this color from me 

For this is now me. 


Beige the color of healing 

The color you are never stealing


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