Behind the scene of no filters

Behind the scences of no filters 


I am who I am.

without it you see all my flaws,

the bags under my eyes,

the hairs I haven’t plucked from my eyebrows

My acne that wasnt gone away, 

When I smile you can see my cricket tooth.

To myself I say..

Eww, I look Ugly, I look fat, Whats wrong with me

Why dont I look cute,

Why do I look ugly. 

And no one ever gets too see the 

behind the scenes of the selfies

I Take..

No filter selfies

I take a million of thoughs.

The right light,

The right Angle,

The rigth position,

The right smile,

The rigth side. 

all just to get the right selfie without filters.

Even thought its not who I am

To make myself look pretty

For people to see

To make myself look good

And makemyself feel good.

I dont like having no filters 

I am who I am


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