Behind the Scene


Eyeliner, lipstick, foundation everywhere,

Nowadays it’s a necessity because I want to compare.

My bare skin, my naked face,

Just doesn’t seem perfect unless a filter is in place.

Beauty is in the eye of those who choose to see,

But when I look in the mirror without makeup it isn’t me.

I’ve been told I’m beautiful, gorgeous and pretty,

I’m thankful for that but feel full of self-pity.

I’m sad each day but take my selfies with a smile,

I put on for social media and my friends so they think I’m okay for a while.

Some point it out that I’m not myself anymore,

It is true, I am not some naïve little girl.

Society, decisions, the way I choose to live my life,

To think it could’ve been ended with a cut of a knife.

I never let my depression sink that far,

I couldn’t leave my family with that big of a scar.

So who am I behind each selfie, filters and makeup?

I’m just a woman trying to make it through each day when it’s so hard to wake up.


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