Behind the Photo...

Can I even recognize myself in full color?

The black and white and different hues are gone, and its like no other.

There is a girl sitting in this picture.

No make-up, no fashion tops, and not a speck of glitter.

This is the real me behind the accesories.

Its not the best looking, but its definitely who I want to be.

Not the person who gets the most likes,

but the person who reaches up towards and past the sky.

It is the things behind the photo

that I want people to remember, not the pose I show.

I am smart, nerdy, and a regular girl

with a heart of gold but a mind in constant swirls.

No one will understand past the pose and filter

that my life is not easy as the smile shows in each picture.

But I will keep going every day

until they understand the things I really have to say.

Behind the photos lies the real me.

I just hope others will get to see.





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