Behind The New Paint


United States
32° 19' 52.4136" N, 111° 2' 2.8248" W

They stand tall,
They stand proud,
Sadly they fall,
Within a big crowd,
On that day in ’65,
In that month of March,
We watch as some die,
In the midst of a march

Crimson red within a television screen,
What appears to be tear gas?
Together they pray, together they keen,
The brutal attack that did not let them pass

These evil white men and their evil deeds,
How they took the life of Reverend Reeb,
The faith of humanity is too hard to redeem,
They also took Jackson with their white devil scheme

We stand on the same ground,
And though we are no saints,
The lies behind the hate,
History still lives, behind the new paint.

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