Behind my mask


You see my false face 

Shining through the lense of a camera

It shows no wrinkle or scar

But if you care to look behind

You'll see there is so much more


My skin reveals stories

That my mouth gaurds with gates of thorns

My feet are weary and cracked

From the work they have endured through the years

My eyes have dulled

From the reality of life

And no longer shine with the wonder I had as a child


I hide behind status after status

Trying to cover up my sorrows

So much has changed

I have lost and I have grown

But only to shield against more loss

They would never know

Every post burying me deeper into my own grave of lies


Smile so they can't see my struggle

They see the young woman I have become and beam with pride 

I only see what I have had to go through to get here

What I'll have to go through on the road ahead


Life is an endless race for success 

This is a cut throat world 

I am a player in this game

And I still have a lifetime to go


They will never know

My camera won't let them discover

And they will not climb over my picture's filtered corners

Look at the young woman I have become

And move on to the next post

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