Behind my Closed Door

I wallow in my room

What looks to be quite mere

Like a rose my mind blooms

And an audience appears

People I would like to meet

And all who I adore

All applauding for me

Behind my closed door


I bat my eyelids twice

Red clouds above my head

Day quickly turns to night

To unleash the walking dead

I’m living for the thrill

My thoughts never to be a bore

The excitement is killed

When she knocks on my door


I then plop in my bed

As I think about time

I find myself looking ahead

At a future so fine

A house like a tower

A family of four

All gone with a holler

Saying, “Come do your chores!”


The invigoration

Now I finally see

My imagination

Is God’s greatest gift to me

It’ll be apart of me

Now and forevermore

So try not to disturb me

Behind my closed door


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