Behind This Mask


Behind This Mask is a scared little girl,

Behind this mask is someone who she really wants to be.


Every year, month, and day this girl will wear this mask,


She will say,

Because I am afriad.

Afriad of what?

Afriad of this cruel and shallow world.



Not everyone is this way,

However, there are many people like her.


This little girl is afraid of bullies and not fitting in,

So she wears a mask everyday,

She pretends and pretends to be someone she is not,

And this mask is now a part of her,

No matter how hard she tries to take it off,

It is glued to her face.


She has no real friends,

And when she looks at herself in the mirror,

All she sees is a mask.


Who is this girl?

This girl is you. 




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