Behind It All


Who am I beneath it all?

Who am I without any makup?

Who am I?


I'm a girl who acts like she's tough,

I'm a girl who overuses the word fuck,

And sometimes I drink a little too much.


I'm a girl with one too many insecurities,

I'm a girl who falls in and out of a deep depression,

And sometimes I cause myself pain.


I'm a girl who holds everything in,

I'm a girl who lost her best friend, her father,

And sometimes I worry that I'll be lost too.


I'm a girl who loves too hard,

I'm a girl who gives but refuses to recieve,

And sometimes I'm just a little too nice.


I'm a girl who's in love

I'm a girl who's infatuated

I'm a girl who's never enough

I'm a girl who's perfect

I'm a girl who cares what others think

I'm a girl who doesn't give a fuck

I'm a girl


And that's who I am.

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