Behind the Fillter

"Snap" goes the camera as she take another. "Snap, Snap"

She isn't satisified. She goes again. Every image of her face, showing the same smile

Same eyes and same nose, but as always the picture is never right.

She picks the less ugly one, in her eyes the girl will never be pretty.

So she does what society tell her to do, changes the image..

She adds filter after filter,changing her eye color, hair, body, and uses a different angle.

"There" she says, "Perfect."

What's perfect? The image is a different girl

It does not show the real her, the image along with others, is





Behind the filter, no one gets to see the amazing girl.

The girl who is nice, caring and smart. Her beauty comes from within.

She is a flame, that can not die down.

A beauty for the century,

But the world tells her to hide behind the filter.

Filters hide the realness in people, no one should have to hide themselves.

We should celebrate the unique and the different, not slam it

Behind egos.




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