Behind the Curtain Slam

Eat, sleep, breathe

There's no reprieve

From the opinions, what they believe

I'd rather hide, then confide

Alone, I stand as my own guide

With the curtains sewn shut

I am happy, nothing but

Pull off the mask and who am I you ask?

A girl who is lost, empty, confused

Just want to hold a smile, be amused

Lost without my father in my life

Step by step I learn strife

On my own, I stand tall, strong to others

Those unknowing whats beneath the covers

But I'm empty as I sit alone

I lack the support within my own home

My family stands here, but around them I cannot shed one tear

For I hide the feelings from those who care

Put on my disguise, they cannot bare

The truth, the confusion, the emotions I hold

I have to be strong, that's what I've always been told

My mask is my identity

As it is whats left to my lifes ammentities.


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