Behind the Curtain


Who`s that girl behind the curtain, filled with words and thoughts unspoken?

She wears a mask of silver and gold, expressing her true nature to no one, I`m told.

Behind this curtain she sings and dances yet vulnerable in the open she turns from prying glances.


Who`s that girl who conceals herself behind a skin of deceit and stealth,

Who laughs in light and cries at night, who`s sweet to one yet friends with none?

She turns to the left to whisper rumors and lies just to conform to society`s cries.

She turns to the right, all cheerful and gay, yet holding inside the anger at bay.


Who`s that girl who hates to wear bling, yet piles it on and struts around like a king,

Who hides behind a sheet of fake just to be liked while the others merely take.

They take it from her, everything that she`s got, from her beams of light to her sacred dreams at night.


Who`s that girl who pretends to be cheerful while all the while she is silently fearful?

She wears a mask of purple and blue to hide the pain from those who have not a clue.

She hides from the love, she hides from the hate, for never again will she realize too late,

That she was alone, nobody was there, while all she wanted was someone to care.


Who`s that girl and why does she hide behind a drawn-curtain all closed up and tide?

And why does she pray for anyone to listen even though they know not of her tears, how they glisten.

She hides herself from the hate of her peers, those slithering scoundrels just waiting to spot her tears,

Just waiting to open her up like a book, to reveal her secrets and spread them with a single look.



Who`s that girl who no one sees who everyone knows as just a tease,

Who hides herself behind a skin of lies just to stay safe from those judgmental eyes?


Though no one sees behind her mask, if you are up for a strenuous task,

Go to her as the sunlight dies, as the stars are born, as the moonlight flies,

And you will see behind that skin, a girl so new, a girl to win.


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