Behind the Curtain


United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

To see with letters crossed, 

A blur of black against white expanse,

Staring, squinting, turning, shaking off, 

Words of clarity often lost.


Pounding, throbbing, aching eyes

Anger- tears, a heartfelt plea, 

Frustrated sadness as letters flip, 

A sound lost meaning- then many sighs.


On and on, hours pass - oh hated pages,

Wrestling my thoughts and self esteem,

Pray for mercy - sounds still battle, 

Determined will - free me my mind its cages.


Duplicate pages - my brain tell lies, 

I've read these words a thousand times.

Scrambled letters - missing vowels,

Keep on moving - It's the DYSLEXIA - I despise!


I write not ONCE, not TWO or THREE, 

I write to EXPLAIN  that this is ME!


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