Behind the Curtain


The thick red vale that hides my face
makes me claustrophobic.
The smell of my faults and failures over rides my senses.
Let me out.
Let me out!
Always happy on the outside.
Never can you see the pain that's plastered on the inside.
My true self.
Let me out!
Let me free!
Brain incases me in a box.
No key, and no lock.
I'm beaten,
but you cant see.
Make-up and smiles cover me.
Emotions are easily covered by laughs and bright eyes,
but if you looked closer, deeper in my eyes,
you would see the dark depths I hold,
from all the pain you have caused.
I keep the curtain closed.
Never pooling the thick red rope.
Lifting and hitting it side by side, never pulling.
No never pulling.
For this curtain will stay closed to hide,
all the pain and sorrow from your greedy eyes.

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