The first time the light crosses the eyes of a new seed. A new breed that breathes the air of the diseased. Fall victum to the wonders of what life would be until actuality falls in between to help you realize how life could be. But with little recognition and little help you'll fall victum to the lies, cheats, and dishonesty of what your sourondings allowed you to be. Raised to only believe one man and that the work he's liable to do can always remain at stand but then things start to fall apart and what you believed in all fall out of both hands because you thought you were safe from distruction and cared for by the other man. Once things fall apart you start to look for new solutions. Solution from what was never there. Solution of what could never fail until failure starts to arrive. You start to drink more but then claim it's just a little. Smoke what you never had because your high is just alittle then wonder why life hasn't gotten better, when you fail to do alittle. The only time he's liable of getting the thanks he needs is when you claim you need. kneeling to say I want this but won't thanks for the things that were did. Wake up, catch first sight, then start the day of sins...w/o asking for forgiveness or giving thanks to the day before the day begins. So why should you be given the things you need when you don't give to receive? Why should a seed have to begins it's life in hell before it's life even begins? Why should the beginning be the end before the beginnings even begins?

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