The Beginning

Ball in the air at the tipoff
One team gets it and works up court
Shooting, screaming plays
Moving around the perimeter
Point guard begins, guards follow
Posts, be there for the pass.
There’s an opening, skip pass
Careful don’t walk or travel
One bad pass and go for it. Jump ball!
They foul, we go to the line
Watching the ball swoosh from at the top of the key
Coach yelling from the sidelines
3 points for that beautiful shot!
Hurry back to play D.
Stand still for a pick or a foul
5 fouls and you’re benched
Stay in the game
Play a little dirty, just don’t get caught
Use your booty and pivot
Pass to the elbow, yell shot
Go for the rebound
Put it back up, grab it, pass it.
Don’t use both hands, double dribble
Guest’s ball, get a man.
When they go zone, play high, low.
Going in for the lay up
Right off the glass
Into the net, don’t get cocky
It’s not over yet.


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