A Beginner's Journey

Once small and young, I Can’t forget the time I was only one

Summer days were filled with laughter, most of the time felt like nothing else mattered

While good memories flew in the wind, I grabbed onto the tail and tried to keep them within

Days needed to last forever


Over time I grew and experienced hardships that became new

Becoming alone and being swallowed by any empty zone

Just wanting to be home, young again probably eating an ice cream cone

Depression kicked in, making my body feel like I commited sinned

All because I couldn’t fit in


People told me that I hardly spoke, that I couldn’t open my mouth

Words wanting to come out, but I couldn’t shout

My friends helped me get through the day

It was alright thats all I could say


It wasn’t till ninth grade when dark thoughts started to fade

I opened my mind to knowledge, sparking my dreams of getting into college

Unfortunately not much money in my wallet


Someone told me not to leave the earth not doing something good for others

That someone was my mother

Someone told me to keep pushing my goals harder

That someone was my father


Not always agreeing with them, now older,I should have listened

Some tell me am still young, Probably should be out with friends having fun

But I didn’t think this would be this hard


Finally am eighteen, given the freedom that I need

I found out something

Bad times don’t last forever

That it will eventually get better

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